Vēstnieces S.Āboltiņas uzruna, atklājot Latvijas paviljonu Venēcijas biennālē

14.05.2019. 13:23

2019.gada 10. maijā Latvijas Republikas vēstniece Itālijā Solvita Āboltiņa piedalījās Venēcijas biennāles 58. starptautiskās mākslas izstādes Latvijas paviljona "Saules Suns" atklāšanā.

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Excellencies, ladies and gentlemen!

Allow me to say some words of welcome to all of you present in my capacity as ambassador of the Republic of Latvia. Latvia’s participation in this most powerful and most visible international art event is part of our identity since the end of the nineties in the last century. Already in the 1930ties our ambassador to Italy, Arnolds Spekke, underlined that one of the most important aims of our state in Italy is to participate in the Venice Biennale, International Art Exhibition.

Art as a living phenomenon is more understandable than statehood, even if some art works may be incomprehensible to those less familiar with contemporary art. Art is an essential and inalienable part of humanity, even if it has constantly changed with the times, artists, rulers and the art market. Statehood, on the other hand, is not as self-evident as art. Statehood can perish, it is fragile and can be stolen as we have experienced for decades under soviet rule. Now we can only agree with what is written on the facade of the Vienna Secession building: “To every age its art, to art its freedom” (Der Zeit ihre Kunst, der Kunst ihre Freiheit). Having been for so long a part of a totalitarian state that my generation remembers so well, this regained freedom to cherish art that you like is one of the greatest advantages of a free society.

Our participation as a state at the Venice biennale is one of the rituals of our celebration of freedom. Even if the primary honour of this notable event belongs to the artist, this time Daiga Grantiņa, the name of Latvia also shines alongside the name of artist. This is the essence of national participation; while we greatly appreciate our belonging to the large European community, which allows us to travel and to live where we wish, we also put great value on the cultural diversity each nation brings to this community.

But beyond these political, social and human considerations, when we stand in front of an artwork, we should remember that someone has created it. As I make my way through the exhibition, even knowing that my gaze is conditioned and changed by history and my experience, I am alone in my thoughts and emotions. This is the enigma of human thinking and the human soul which we always go through when we open ourselves up to new experiences. The fact that our highly individual curiosity, amazement and conclusions reached are framed by the rituals of state, does not contain real contradictions. We expand ourselves at gatherings like these, we confirm that all those layers of human existence are important. The more abstract notion of freedom meets the complex joy of creation and administrative order which secures the event.

Let me thank all of you who have come today, those who have created the exhibition and those who have supported it. And it is not only the Latvian state that has given its support; there are also the free people of a free state who supported this magnificent event out of their own free will and with their own money!


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