Moldova's regions and local municipalities gain experience in Latvian on tourism and business development

11.08.2016. 16:59

Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development in collaboration with the Latvian Rural Forum have organized a summer school-camp for representatives from Moldovan regions, municipalities and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) on tourism and business promotion. The event took place from 24 to 30 July 2016.

During the visit professional capacity of Moldova regions, local governments and NGO staff were strengthened by providing methodological and practical support to the project development for business and tourism development issues at regional and local level as well as promote cooperation of Latvian and Moldovan regional and local levels. Summer school-camp participants - Moldova Northern, Central, Southern, Gagauzia region, their local governments and NGOs.

After individually established programs Moldovan colleagues took note of the best practices of tourism and business in 12 Latvian local municipalities - Dundaga, Dobele, Tērvete, Limbaži, Pargaujas, Rauna, Madona, Jelgava, Carnikava, Ikšķile, Ķekava and Bauska. It was heard Latvian expert tips for business and tourism development, local governments work organization and provision of services.

The parties also discussed the Moldovan and Latvian regional and local municipalities cooperation perspectives, including Tērvete county and Singuren village entering into a letter of intent on co-operation, as well as other regions and municipalities agreed on a cooperation agreement during the future visits (Riga planning region-Moldova Centre, Zemgale Moldova region-South region, Gagauzia-Kurzeme planning region, district Jaloveņ-Ikskiles county; Straseni city-Ķekavas county, Dobele district - Sinžerej district, county - Soroka region, Preilu county - Oknicas district, Kraslava - Donduseni district).

In Daugavpils Latvian sector experts gave lectures to Moldovan representatives on the significant development planning and project implementation issues - territorial marketing, tourism product creation, business environment animation and project management.

During the practical trainings Moldovan delegation improved essential spatial development planning skills - creative thinking methods of use, presenting ideas, public involvement in territorial development planning and implementation. Within the established teams Moldovan delegation representatives addressed a variety of tasks and look for answers to specific questions that are relevant for development of the territory. The solutions developed have been jointly discussed and will serve as proposals using a tourist potential for improving the business environment, youth activation and partnerships establishment in the regions of Moldova.

During the seminar "Role of multilateral dialogue in Latvian and Moldovan development cooperation", which was organized with the support of Latvian Association of Local Governments, participants were informed about the Latvian and Moldovan regions, local municipalities and NGOs previous cooperation and development prospects, as well as identified issues and possible solutions. As the most important obstacles to the development cooperation was referred the lack of funding and limited information about the opportunities for cooperation and results. It was proposed to build a platform for cooperation at various levels and formats, which MEPRD in the near future with the parties intend to bring to life. During the seminar the movie premiere illustrating the Latvian-Moldovan cooperation, was held. Movie was produced thanks to the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The seminar was organized in an interactive matchmaking networking and creating partnerships.

At the end of the visit Moldovan delegation's assessment of the acquired knowledge and experience was heard. As the main Moldovan colleagues assessed their role in promoting tourism and business, including creating a tourist information centers in support of home compounders and youth initiatives, as well as compliance with principles of good governance (public participation, creative environment, cooperation with business, development planning and attraction of investments, etc.) in local government work. Welcomed the opportunity to promote mutual cooperation and exchange of experience in dialogue at different levels. Also the Moldovan colleagues were interested in fundraising experience in areas crucial for implementing projects.

In the near future it is planned to prepare a summary of the stories on how Latvian experience was overtaken at Moldovan case. Continued cooperation in October 2016, is intended to organize a visit to Moldova, participation of all Latvian planning regions, local municipalities and businesses in the implementation of business and Moldovan-Latvian inter-regional and inter-municipalities measures.

Additional information about the Moldovan delegation visits to Latvian cities and counties is available at:

*Activities are implemented within the project "Support to Moldova Northern Regional Development Agency of territorial development planning, implementation and business promotion" program (31 May 2016 agreement 2016/6), funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Published on VARAM website
on 2 August 2016