Certificate about marital status

18.12.2019. 17:58

To obtain Certificate about marital status, please provide the Embassy with the following documents:

  • Filled application;
  • Passport or ID card
    in case if document is requested by post or e-mail, please send a copy of the passport. On the copy please write the confirmation: ”I agree that my personal data will be processed during the preparation of documents”;
  • Payment:

State duty 5,00 EUR should be paid by card in the Embassy or transfered to the account of the Treasury of the Republic of Latvia:


Valsts kase

Account number (IBAN):


Name of the Bank:

Valsts kase





Please write on the payment order : “VN, VP 1, certificate about Name, Surname marital status

Attention! Please do not forget to indicate the code VN, VP 1.

Consular fee 40,00 EUR should be paid by card in the Embassy or transfered to the Embassy's consular account (please note: if you require to receive the certificate by post, the additional fee is 10,00 EUR, total 50,00 EUR):



Ambasada Republiki Łotewskiej,
Królowej Aldony 19
03-928 Warszawa, Polska

Name of the Bank:


Address of the Bank:

ul. Francuska 47, 03-905 Warszawa

Account number (IBAN):

PL69 1600 1127 1842 9049 2000 0003



Please write on the payment order : “KA, certificate about Name, Surname marital status

After wedding, you have to inform authorities of Latvia about your marriage. About the procedure, please consult with the Embassy.