The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in a grant call for projects provides funding for development cooperation projects in the EU Eastern Partnership and Central Asian countries

19.07.2019. 10:11

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has evaluated the project applications submitted for the grant call for projects “Support for Development Cooperation Projects in the Beneficiary Countries of the Republic of Latvia” and provides a funding (grant) for the implementation of projects in the priority partner countries of Central Asia (Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan) and countries of the European Union’s Eastern Partnership (Moldova, Georgia and Ukraine):

1.      To the Limited Liability Company “Latvijas Standarts” project “Standardization as a Supporting Tool for Quality Improvement of Hotels and Tourist Accommodation Services and a Factor of Promotion of Economic Development in the Georgian Tourism Sector”,

2.      To the Daugavpils University project “Facilitation of Initiative and Capacity Building for Business Promotion of Fisheries” in Georgia,

3.      To the Association “Centre MARTA” project “Woman’s Voice: Strengthening Women's Participation in Democratic Processes and Public Administration in Central Asian Countries” in Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan,

4. The Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Latvia for the project “Further development of effective internal control system and internal audit in the Republic of Moldova”

5. To the Foundation “Public Participation Fund” project “Improving the Quality of Public Participation and Policy Dialogue on the Platforms of Digital Democracy in Ukraine”.

Taking into account the funding available in the call for projects the Ministry of Foreign Affairs grants partial funding to two projects:

6. To the Association “Latvian Association of Local and Regional Governments” project “Promotion of Local Government and Government Cooperation and Improvement of Public Administration in Kyrgyzstan”,

7. To the Limited Liability Company “SunGIS” Project “Possibility of using open technologies in the administrative management of the Republic of Uzbekistan”.

The total funding available for the call for projects is EUR 213 013. On the basis of the Development Cooperation Policy Plan 2019 and the Call for projects Regulations, at least 50% of the amount available from the grant call for projects is forseen for the implementation of projects by civil society organizations. Thus, funding has been given to projects that have received the highest ranking among civil society organizations' projects and other projects.

This year, 36 projects were submitted for the competition, the largest number of applications since 2016, with a total of EUR 1 215 814.38 requested from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs welcomes the high interest in the implementation of development cooperation projects by representatives of public authorities, civil society and the private sector that could participate in the competition under the Law on International Assistance. The applicants will be informed of the results of evaluation of their project application.



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