Latvia increases the number of its civilian experts on the EU Advisory Mission in Ukraine

10.07.2019. 10:39

On 9 July 2019, the Cabinet adopted two draft decisions on the posting of civilian experts, Oskars Kastēns and Raimonds Koptenkovs, to the European Union Advisory Mission (EUAM) Ukraine as from 1 August this year.

Oskars Kastēns has been approved as Parliamentary Liaison Officer and Raimonds Koptenkovs – as Curricula Developer. After the deployment of both the experts, seven Latvians will be working on the mission.

The EU Advisory Mission for Civilian Security Sector Reform in Ukraine (EUAM Ukraine) began its operations in 2014 to provide advisory support for Ukraine in the field of civil security sector reforms. The EUAM gives strategic advice to the Ukrainian authorities both at the central and regional level on the development of civilian security strategies and hands-on support for the implementation of specific reform measures. The mission also offers advice on the reorganisation and restructuring of Ukraine’s civilian security authorities.

Currently, 23 European Union Member States and Canada are contributing to the EUAM. Latvia joined the mission in 2015.


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