Film "Bille" is screened in Copenhagen to mark Latvia's 101st anniversary

04.12.2019. 13:58

On 13 November 2019, Ināra Kolmane's film "Bille" was screened in Cinemateket, Copenhagen to celebrate the 101st Anniversary of the Proclamation of the Republic of Latvia. Before the film, the Latvian Ambassador to Denmark, Alda Vanaga, addressed the audience. In her speech, the Ambassador stressed the importance of the Baltic Way, which celebrated its 30th anniversary on August 23, as well as the significance of the victory of the Latvian Army on 11 November 1919 over the German-Russian united army, which ensured the independence of newly-formed Latvia. A. Vanaga also thanked the Lithuanian and Czech ambassadors as the film is a co-production of Latvia, Lithuania and the Czech Republic.

Apart from the Danish audience, the event was attended by Latvians living in Denmark and ambassadors and diplomats from various countries. After the movie, the guests were invited to taste Latvian drinks and snacks that were delivered from Latvia especially for the occasion.