Processing of visa application

01.03.2019. 12:55

Visa applications shall be lodged no earlier than 3 months before the start of the intended visit. Holders of a multiple-entry visa may lodge the application before the expiry of the visa valid for a period of at least six month, namely, a holder of a multiple-entry visa may apply for a new visa also while the validity of a previous visa has not expired.

Pursuant to Article 23 of the Visa Code, diplomatic/consular missions decide on a visa application within 15 calendar days of the date of the lodging of an application.

In individual cases, that period may be extended up to a maximum of 30 calendar days.

Exceptionally, the period of deciding on a visa application may be extended up to a maximum of 60 calendar days.

Diplomatic/consular missions of Latvia use Visa Information System for processing visa application data and taking decisions on applications.

A visa does not automatically guarantee entry into the Schengen Member States and the holders of visa are requested to present proof that they fulfil the entry conditions at the external border, as provided for in Article 6 of the Schengen Borders Code.