Traffic offences

18.03.2016. 15:23

If a person who enjoys diplomatic or consular privileges commits a traffic offence, he or she is liable to be fined like all ‘ordinary’ citizens. Although privileged persons enjoy immunities which preclude prosecution under administrative or criminal law, the host country is confident that the privileged person respects its law and thus will agree to pay the imposed fines in the event of a violation.

If members of diplomatic missions come into contact with the Police Authorities (either when an official report is being drawn-up on an offence or on any other occasion) they should immediately inform the Police Authorities of their privileged status by presenting their ID card, so that the Police Authorities can treat them with the respect to which they are entitled by virtue of their position. It should be noted that showing the identity card does not relieve the bearer of the obligation to show other documents (e.g. driving licenses, vehicle registration documents) upon request.