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The State Protocol monitors the provision of diplomatic privileges and immunities implemented in Latvia to foreign diplomatic and consular missions, international organisations and their staff, on the basis of international conventions, multilateral and bilateral agreements, international practice and national law.

The State Protocol carries out registration of staff of foreign missions and international organisations and arranges the admission of military attaches. It co-ordinates the registration of motor vehicles and, where possible, driving licences, as well as customs clearances. Fiscal privileges are also the responsibility of the State Protocol.

The State Protocol renders assistance in obtaining flight diplomatic clearances for government and military aircraft and naval vessels, radio and firearms licences, as well as supervises the introduction and granting of agrement to ambassadors, preparation of accreditation and farewell visits by Heads of Diplomatic Missions.

The State Protocol is in charge of the organisation of visits made by foreign Heads of Government and their spouses, Ministers of Foreign Affairs and their spouses in Latvia.

The President’s Division of the Chancery of the President of the Republic of Latvia

The Division is concerned with the functions / activities of the President and spouse, coordinating and organising visits abroad and those made by foreign heads of state and their spouses in Latvia.