Registration and Cancellation of the Registration of Motor Vehicles

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Cancellation of the registration

Loss of diplomatic license plates

Sale of the motor vehicle

Annual Technical Inspection

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Motor vehicles of foreign missions, persons with diplomatic and administrative technical status are registered at the Road Traffic Safety Directorate, Riga City Division (CSSD Rīgas pilsētas nodaļa).

The registration of motor vehicles is carried out in accordance with the Cabinet of Ministers Regulation No 1080 “Regulations of the Registration of Motor vehicles” (30 November 2010).

Special number plates shall be issued for Motor Vehicles:

  • CD - for vehicles of Diplomatic Missions, International Organizations, Representations of International Organizations, Representation of the European Commission to Latvia, as well as their diplomatic agents as registered at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Latvia
  • CC - for vehicles of consular offices and career consular officers
  • C - for vehicles of the administrative technical staff

Persons with diplomatic and administrative technical status are entitled to one diplomatic car registration. In the case where they are accompanied by their spouses, they are also entitled to one diplomatic car and motorbike registration.

For the registration of a motor vehicle, a Mission should submit to the State Protocol a Verbal Note indicating the owner of the vehicle, the make and model of the vehicle, and the number of the chassis. An approved application will be forwarded to the CSDD Riga City Division.

It should be noted that the vehicle should be physically present at the registration for inspection. The registration fee is paid at the cash desk of the CSDD Riga City Division in accordance with the price list for the registration of motor vehicles.

If documents are submitted for the registration of a motor vehicle by the Diplomatic Mission or agents authorized person who is a Latvian citizen or a permanent resident, the latter has to present the following:

  • A proxy confirmed by the Diplomatic Mission concerned
  • Latvian national passport or a permanent resident’s passport or Latvian driving license

In the case where documents are submitted for registration by a diplomatic agent, the latter has to present his or her ID card as issued by the State Protocol.

Additional information concerning the registration is available at:

Road Traffic Safety Directorate (CSDD), Riga City Division

Address: Bauskas iela 86, Riga, LV 1006

Telephone: +371 6702 5777, + 371 6702 5789

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Link to homepage:

Working hours: Monday- Friday: 8:30- 19:00, Saturday: 8:30- 16:00


Cancellation of the registration

If a vehicle with CD, CC or C registration plates is removed from Latvia permanently, sold, or to be destroyed, it should be taken off the National Register before this action has been undertaken.

Missions shall inform the State Protocol of the cancellation of the vehicle’s registration by a Note, indicating the following:

  • the reason for cancellation of the registration (indicating whether the vehicle will be sold, exported or destroyed)
  • owner/user of the vehicle
  • make and model of the vehicle
  • the number of the diplomatic registration plate to be removed from the National Register,
  • in case of a sale, the status of the person the vehicle will be sold to, i.e. whether a person with diplomatic status or without, should be indicated

For the cancellation of the vehicle’s registration, the Embassy should forward a Note to the State Protocol. On the basis of the Note the State Protocol will prepare a letter and forward it to the CSDD Riga City Division

Further, the diplomatic agent or the authorized member of the Diplomatic Mission shall present at the CSDD:

  • the registration certificate;
  • the diplomatic registration plates.

When the diplomatic agent accomplishes his or her mission in Latvia, the person concerned has to cancel the vehicle’s diplomatic registration and to request the CSDD to issue a transit registration certificate and transit license plates. Transit license plates are valid for up to 30 days.

Vehicle registration documents and diplomatic license plates are the property of the Latvian Government and should be returned to the Riga City CSDD once the vehicle is removed from the National Register. The Ministry would like to remind that failure to observe the correct procedure can cause delays in issuing the next vehicle registration certificate and diplomatic license plates to the Mission or a new member of the Mission.


Loss of diplomatic license plates

If the diplomatic license plates or one of them are lost, stolen or damaged, the Mission or a member of the Mission should notify the police about a fact and shall apply for the new ones. New diplomatic license plates, as well as new vehicle registration documents, will be issued.

It should be noted that the lost diplomatic license plates cannot be renewed.


Sale of the motor vehicle

A motor vehicle which is bought without paying customs duty and/or VAT may be sold without payment of such duty and/or VAT to a diplomatic agent enjoying exemption from customs duty and the taxes. If the vehicle is sold to a non-diplomatic person then customs duties and taxes shall be paid by the vendor.

Before selling the vehicle in Latvia, the vehicle’s diplomatic registration license plates shall be returned to the CSSD, to be replaced by Latvian license plates.

In the case where the vehicle has been previously imported from abroad, a customs allowance for its purchase, as well as the original copies of the vehicle’s foreign registration documents should be also presented at the CSSD.


Annual Technical Inspection

According to the Road Traffic Law (4.11.97 cl. 16.7.) and also in the interests of road safety all vehicles have to undergo an Annual Technical Inspection. No exclusion is made for vehicles owned by foreign diplomatic missions and diplomatic agents in Latvia. The Technical Inspection of a vehicle is valid for one year, and must be repeated within that period. It is performed by the Road Traffic Safety Directorate (CSSD). If the technical condition of the vehicle complies with the essential requirements a technical inspection approval sticker will be issued.

It should be noted that diplomatic missions and diplomatic agents do not have to pay annual motor vehicle tax, but they have to pay the technical inspection fee.

Further information at:


CSDD fidelity line

Committed to transparency and the provision of high quality services CSDD has introduced a new service: the fidelity line. When calling 67025757 you can leave a message concerning:

  • unsatisfactory attitude or impolite treatment when providing the services
  • improper behavior by employees of CSDD
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