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State Compulsory Health Insurance

Primary health care and hospitalization

European Health Insurance Card

Emergency health care

Diplomatic Service Medical Centre


State Compulsory Health Insurance

National Health Service is a direct administrative institution subordinate to Ministry of Health, the main tasks of which are to implement State policy for availability of health care services, administrate the State budgetary funds prescribed for health care, implement State policy in the planning of health care services, ensure rational and the most effective use of State budget  and implement the e-Health programme according to the policy decided by the State.

State compulsory health insurance is the basic level of medical assistance provided by the state, as laid out in Regulations No 1046 "Health Care Organization and Financing Procedure" issued by the Cabinet of Ministers on 19 December, 2006. It means that the state compulsorily insures its inhabitants to be entitled to basic health care services.

The level of medical assistance guaranteed by the State in accordance with the procedures prescribed by the Cabinet are to be provided to both citizens and non-citizens of Latvia, to EU persons who are employed or self-employed in Latvia and their family members, to refugees as well as to persons detained, arrested and sentenced with deprivation of liberty.

State compulsory health insurance resources, in accordance with the Regulations, are financed by resources from a state budget subsidy as outlined in the annual law "On the State Budget" for health care. The above stated resources guarantee the provision of health care services within fixed parameters.


Primary health care and hospitalization

Under state compulsory health insurance system, all persons in Latvia should have a family practitioner. A person not residing in Latvia may also visit a family practitioner.

If a person would like to visit a medical specialist, a referral from the family practitioner is needed.

To obtain information about an available family practitioner you are advised to call the information line 80001234 toll free.

No referrals are needed for the direct approach to the following specialists: psychiatrist, pulmonologist for tuberculosis treatment, venereologist, narcologist, endocrinologist for diabetes, or private specialists.

For hospitalization, with the exception of emergency health care, referral from a general practitioner or a medical specialist is required.


European Health Insurance Card

Anyone carrying a European Health Insurance Card is entitled to receive any required medical care whilst in an EU Member State, or in Iceland, Liechtenstein or Norway. Treatment is provided subject to the legislation and regulations of the country where it is given. A non-resident person shall receive the same medical care to which a resident of that country would be entitled. The procedure for obtaining treatment and any additional payment charged is the same as that which applies to local residents. According to EC regulation 1408/71 citizens in other EU or EE A countries sent to Latvia as privileged persons may be entitled to full public health care, provided they are entitled to public health care in their home country.


Emergency health care

All foreigners have the right to urgent health care, which is defined as care for medical conditions arising unexpectedly in the country of stay and demanding immediate medical assistance. In the case of emergency treatment, a person can always go to emergency reception of a hospital or call an ambulance. The attending physician will decide if the patient needs in­patient treatment. Transportation by ambulance, in case of emergency, is free of charge.

For emergencies call telephone No 112 or 03

Further information about medical benefits in Latvia can be obtained from:

National Health Service

Nacionālais veselības dienests

Address: Cēsu iela 31 (6.entrance), Rīga, LV - 1012

Tel: +371 67043700

Fax: +37167043701

Information line: 80001234 (Monday - Thursday from 8:30 until 17:00, Friday 8:30-16:00)

Link to homepage:


Diplomatic Service Medical Centre

Address: Elizabetes iela 57, 4th floor, Rīga, LV-1050

Telephone at the Director’s office: +371 6728 9255

Telephone at the reception: +371 6722 9942

Fax: +371 6728 9413

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Office hours: Monday - Friday, 8:00 - 20:00

The Centre offers consultations and medical services in following fields:

  • Family medical care
  • Gynecology
  • Pediatrics
  • Expert consultations
  • Cardiology
  • Psychology and psychotherapy for children and adults
  • Psychoanalyses
  • Sexology
  • Dentists and dental hygiene
  • Aesthetic medicine
  • Massage
  • Cosmetology
  • Dietetics
  • Vaccinations
  • Osteo-reflexotherapy
  • Compulsory health examination
  • Health examination for drivers