Riga International Airport

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Aviation security requirements and restrictions

Parking and Driving in Airport Territory

VIP service centre

Charter flights

Diplomatic Consignments


Aviation security requirements and restrictions

The passengers and baggage at Riga International Airport are subject to security checks before departing. Security activities can cause misunderstandings and inconvenience, however, it should be remembered that everybody is the same in the plane; therefore passengers should understand the importance of security measures. It should be reminded that flight operators may carry out luggage and body checks for justifiable reasons. As long as such precautions are considered necessary, members of Diplomatic Missions and their families will also be affected. Special rules apply to diplomatic bags (see section 12.5.5).

Heads of Missions and Consular posts presenting a Diplomatic Passport and an Identification Card issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Latvia enjoy the right to meet a guest and to escort him or her in the Arrival and Departure areas. Such rights can be enjoyed only under the supervision of the Airport Representatives after receiving confirmation from the Security Department of the Riga International Airport, telephone: +371 6 7923 683.


Parking and Driving in Airport Territory

CD cars may be parked short term at the CD parking lots near the Passenger Terminal. Driving of CD cars on the apron area is only permitted whilst attending official delegations, when Airport VIP facilities are used. Airport authorities do not issue vehicle passes for entering and driving in the airport's restricted areas.

Additional information concerning driving in airport territory may be provided by the Security Department of the Riga International Airport, telephone: +371 6 7923 683 


VIP service centre

Customs and Immigration Clearances

VIP’s are subject to examination by Customs and Immigration. All passengers may be required to undergo such examinations, and must comply with arrangements as advised by VIP staff.

Departure/ Arrival Assistance


  • meeting the VIP and seeing off persons at the Riga Airport VIP Centre;
  • accommodation at the VIP lounge;
  • registration of flight tickets and luggage;
  • escort of the VIP to the aircraft using the VIP's car or airport transport;
  • escort of the seeing-off persons to the aircraft and back to the VIP lounge.


  • accommodation of the VIP greeting party at the VIP lounge;
  • escort of persons meeting the VIP to the aircraft;
  • meeting the VIP at the aircraft;
  • customs clearances, immigration and other formalities;
  • delivery of luggage to the VIP lounge.

Application for VIP facilities

Applications for VIP service should be made a minimum of 24 hours before the arrival/departure of the VIP at Riga International Airport.

Booking of VIP services

The following information is required when booking VIP services:

  • the VIP's name, last name, nationality and status, number of escorts
  • name of the organization, address, telephone, fax, name of the contact person
  • dates of arrival and departure, flight number
  • point of origin/destination
  • form of payment

Information concerning VIP service can be obtained from the Riga International Airport VIP Lounge, tel.: +371 6720 7132

Access to VIP lounge

VIP's who have booked the VIP lounge for their departure are requested to arrive at the airport not later than one hour prior to the scheduled time of departure because of the time required for customs and security clearances, passport control, registration of flight tickets and luggage. Special attention shall be paid to transit flights. VIP's arriving after this time run a risk of missing their flight.

Meeting and seeing off

The persons meeting or seeing off a VIP should arrive at the VIP lounge twenty minutes before the expected time of arrival and one hour before the expected time of departure. Should there be any changes concerning the expected time of the arrival of the aircraft, the VIP service agent will present all the necessary information to the customer. Usage of VIP lounge during night hours can be charged according to the VIP lounge price list

Telephone: +371 6720 7132; fax: +371 6720 7257

VIP service fee includes the following extra services:

  • facilities of the conference hall
  • newspapers
  • TV
  • telephone and fax
  • refreshments: coffee, tea, juice, soft drinks and confectionery

The VIP service is available for Heads of Mission at discount rate.


Charter flights

For carrying out the technical servicing of aircraft, the following additional information should be presented to the airport Ground Handling Department:

  • company carrying out the flight, its name, telephone, fax
  • type of aircraft
  • aircraft registration number/letter
  • maximum take-off weight
  • the anticipated load of the cargo
  • any particular technical servicing necessary
  • form of payment

Information concerning technical attendance for charter flights can be obtained from the Ground Handling Department, tel. +371 29233018, +371 29479533.


Diplomatic Consignments

Diplomatic courier consignments (the diplomatic bag) must be sealed and the diplomatic status of the consignment must be clearly visible. Diplomatic courier consignments may contain only documents and articles that are intended for official use of the mission. These consignments are not subject to safety control and customs clearance.

If the mission wishes to take a diplomatic bag straight to the aircraft or to collect one from the aircraft, it must apply for a temporary permit from the Security department of the Riga International Airport. The application for the permit must be submitted to the  Security department of the Riga International Airport, which will issue a permit to the applicant who must present himself in person, showing the ID card issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. An airport security officer shall accompany the vehicle to the aircraft.

Consignments other than the diplomatic bag are dealt with at the cargo terminal. The mission's authorized person shall pay the handling fee at the cargo terminal and then, whilst escorted by a member of the cargo area staff, proceed with their own vehicle to the aircraft in order to receive the shipment.

Diplomatic pouches shall not be opened or retained without the presence of a representative of the Mission. If there are serious grounds for presuming that the bag may contain articles other than those permitted, the customs authority has the right to request the foreign mission or an authorized representative to open the bag. The written consent of the Director of Latvian Customs is required before any diplomatic mail may be opened. Diplomatic Missions may authorize a third person to bring into Latvia a sealed bag or cargo belonging to the Diplomatic Mission or its staff members.

Special rules apply to the importation of firearms and ammunition (see chapter 5). Dispatch of weapons in a diplomatic bag is strongly forbidden in Latvia.

In order to facilitate identification and thus ensure correct treatment of courier mail, the Latvian authorities concerned have suggested that the airline company should always specify in its documentation that such mail is on board.

Couriers must respect all regulations concerning access to airport restricted areas.

Failure to do so will result in a cancelled pass and an administrative report to the State Protocol, as well as to the appropriate mission.

Further information: Security Department of the Riga International Airport, tel.: + 371 6 7923 683